dance festival t-shitrs

Not all designs are a portfolio material. Especially when it is something that doesn’t fit your aesthetics and you really have to adjust to what the ‘client’ wants. That’s why I wasn’t sure if I want to share this project.
A friend asked me to design t-shirts for sensual dance festival in Berlin. The design had to incorporate a very floaty logo of the festival and some tag lines. At first I was quite enthusiastic, but than I found it a real challenge. To be honest I haven’t found a single design for a dance school, festival, latino music album that I could call a decent design. The aesthetics and the motifs that are used for the designs (dancing couple with sunset in the background being the most common…) already set the style to kitschy and tacky. What to do?!
Design I produced was a compromise, a quick friendly project, so I think I could do better. Anyway it actually felt great to see people wear it during the  festival. Even I did 🙂

2014-08-03 17.14.05